Cabiria Campo Dei Fiori AWH14

August 23, 2014

This Week: Delivery, Monday: Photoshoot, Imminently: AW1415 Release!

Hello friends!

My apologies for not posting more frequently, but I've been very busy ushering in the new La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria collections, coming out imminently!

Delivery is always frenetic, but that's a very very happy thing.  Here's a few photos from the ironing and finishing area at the factory.

And here's one of our racks getting sorted out for pre-orders.  

Some of our great stockists are Bombshell Boutique in St. Paul, MN, Boutique Larrieux in Milwaukee, WI, HeyGorgeous, Madison Plus Select, and MS.SVG in London, UK.  I get so excited shipping these out!

We are also participating in a Pop-up Shop in Chicago on the weekend of September 5th and 6th run by Stephanie Sack (formerly of Vive la femme) and Lydia of Boutique Larrieux.  It will be held at Ganesha Yoga Chicago ONLY that weekend.  Lucky Chicago folks will get a first peek at much of the new line!

In a VERY few days, we'll be shooting our new lookbook and catalog.  As you know, the La Strada per CABIRIA line is our funkier, less expensive line, and we're including a lot of separates to add to our dresses. The collections are called Via Ostia, after the road to the ancient seaside town of Ostia Antica about 15km from Rome.  In the movie "Nights of Cabiria", this road is where Cabiria and Wanda and their friends live and work, and in real life it's a gorgeous archaeological site.  It's also a part of the Roman city perimeter, and thus has a lot of astounding street art along the way.

We'll be working with the stunning Maxey Greene, the face of our company for 3 seasons now, Chearice Vaughn, whom you may remember from the NYFW show last September, and Connie Andrade, whom I'm thrilled to finally work with after all this time.

Maxey Greene

Chearice Vaughn

Connie Andrade

I can't wait!!!

And then, after all the photos are shot and all the factory items are collected, and everything happens in a moment's time, we anticipate launching the new Via Ostia collection of Cabiria and the Inaugural collection of La Strada per CABIRIA around the first week of September.

Lots more information will be coming soon, so look out!

All the best, 

July 23, 2014

Big end of season Sale through Saturday morning!

Hi friends,

Just a quick note for you all - Cabiria is having a huge end of season sale at Zulily through Saturday morning.  The items you've been coveting for months are going to be gone if you don't grab them in the next few days!  They even ship internationally.

We're doing this because in about a month, we're going to be getting all the new Cabiria collection items in, as well as the new La Strada per CABIRIA line.  There's just only so much room!

In the meantime, here's a shot from some of the new fabrics for a future collection I've just found on a fabric hunt.  So fantastic, even if the shot is a bit blurry...

All my best, 

June 25, 2014

The new La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria Collections and a SALE

Hello friends,

I have been super busy the last few months drawing, sourcing, plotting, pattern developing, and getting items into the factory for the new Cabiria Collection and the diffusion line, La Strada per CABIRIA. So very excited!

I'm also excited to let you know that the online site Zulily is having a major SALE of Cabiria's past season items for today through Saturday at 6am EST only.  Grab these items before they're gone; you only have another 66 hours!

In the meantime, delivery from the factory is coming in mid-late August, then the photo shoot.  Some of your favorite plus size boutiques and online stores have placed pre-orders, so you can expect to see Cabiria and La Strada per CABIRIA in Boutique Larrieux, Bombshell Boutique, Hey Gorgeous, and Madison Plus Select by autumn.  As always, if you know of a shop that needs to carry our lines, please let me know and I'll pursue that.  I love giving customers the opportunity to try on the clothes and both see and feel the difference.

In the meantime, I want to offer you some sneak previews of the upcoming collections.  Remember that the La Strada per CABIRIA line is our street style inspired line made in lower end fabrics (sometimes), and that's why it's a lower price point.  All the attention to detail and excellent fit you've come to expect from Cabiria is still there!

From the Cabiria line:

Vivi top in 100% silk jersey or 100% silk double georgette
Lorna dress in 100% silk twill (also in green basketweave)

Adelina top in 100% silk twill (also in blue turtle silk CDC)

And from the La Strada per CABIRIA line:
Gloria dress in Purple Heather super soft poly cotton jersey knit

Claudia dress in Berry Herringbone poly/lycra ponte knit
and these amazing pants, with a spiral seam that pulls the fabric forward as you walk, so you don't get that bunching up at the inner thigh.  I'm quite proud of this!
Cinzia pants in 100% silk twill

In the meantime, I'll keep you up to date on all the press we've been getting internationally and at home, and appearances like this one on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" in a custom Cabiria piece on the wonderful actress Ashlie Atkinson.

Have a wonderful week, and again Zulily's past season super discount sale is ends Saturday morning. Go!

All my best, Eden

April 5, 2014

VERY big news for Cabiria

Hello friends,

Well, you've probably realized by now that I'm not the most frequent blogger.  I have HUGE respect for those who are diligent enough to get on every day or week and make all those posts and videos and photos and such!  But when I DO post, it's because I've got great things to tell you.

For the past few months, I've realized that Cabiria is missing an element.  We are an aspirational brand, using high quality fabrics and finishes, which due to the cost of materials demands that we charge a higher amount.  The brand is incredibly well received, but I want more women to have access to our pieces.  With that in mind, we will soon be unveiling our new, lower price point line, La Strada per CABIRIA.

"La Strada" means The Street in Italian, nodding to the street style, fashion forward aspects of the new line.  It's also the title of another Fellini film from 1954, lest you thought we'd forgotten our roots. The pieces will still be designed with our acclaimed eye for detail and impeccable fit, but will now include more wash-and-wear pieces, more stretch to the fabrics, and some contemporary design elements. 

The main line of Cabiria will still go on, creating pieces in fine fabrics and detailed finishes, and we will continue to manufacture all our pieces from both lines in the heart of New York's Garment District.  I'm very much hoping this brand diversification will open up the door for more women to wear Cabiria very soon.  The aim is to deliver this new line in time for a late summer delivery to shops.  

In the meantime, we've had lots of continued press appearances.  During NYFW, Le Monde came over from Paris to interview me, as well as a South African women's magazine Sarie, and the television show Kwela, also based in Johannesburg as part of their Be Your Dream Foundation and charity.  I was also featured as a Plus Size expert on Channel 2 News for CBS here in New York, and on the Go Curvy show in Los Angeles.

During all this, I had the pleasure of finding out that Mary Lambert wore a one-of-a-kind Cabiria dress in her 1Mic1Take music video for her beautiful song "Sarasvati" as part of her current tour.  True, she sits at the piano for the whole video, but you can still see the cool (complicated) beveled lines of the dress.

In late March, we were featured on The Steve Harvey Show in a "Steve's Got Style" Spring Fashion series - very thrilling!  In the "Florals" group, we have the Stefania dress in Blue Gerbera with Butternut trim second from left:

and in the "Prints" group, we have the Stella in Digital Snakeskin blouse and Flavia Giraffe print wool skirt on the far right:

Finally, as always, I love showing photos of happy customers.  The first one is Holleigh in Singapore, being fabulous in her Flaminia in Tropicalia dress and killer sunglasses.

And last but not least, Meaghan of Little Lime Dress fame wearing her Sofia in French Apricot silk jersey to a wedding this past weekend.  Just gorgeous.

The brilliant and talented actress Ashlie Atkinson, a wonderful supporter of Cabiria, also just picked up a one-of-a-kind 4-ply silk floral Sofia to accept an award in Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend, and the eminently talented filmmaker April Janow also picked up some pieces to wear to present her new documentary "At the Feed and Seed" at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, OK.  Such an honor to make these talented women feel good while they're out doing amazing things!  I hope to share photos with you soon.  In the meantime, if you're a Cabiria customer, please send in photos of yourself in your fancy outfits!  It really is fulfilling to me as a designer.

As I bring the new La Strada per Cabiria collection to market, I'll probably have my head down, nose to grindstone and all.  Please reach out if you have questions, suggestions, or ways to open up the market further.  I'm always interested in new ideas.  In the meantime, have a glorious spring!

All the best, 

January 21, 2014

Berlin Fashion Stars at Curvy Is Sexy

Hello friends,

What a crazy few weeks it's been!  When I last posted, I was in the middle of the most serenely beautiful rain forest with a waterfall in the back of my tiny casita.  Less than a week later, I was in Berlin at the Curvy Is Sexy trade show, part of Berlin Fashion Week, and paired with the more established shows Premium and Bread and Butter (I love that name).

Tanja, Alex, Manuela and Roxi wearing Cabiria at the Curvy Is Sexy show
Manuela Cosenza and Tanja Marfo in the Sofia in French Apricot

I was not an official exhibitor, and I wanted to make sure I didn't step on anyone's toes, so I had to plan my marketing carefully.  I also very much wanted to see what the European market accepts and expects for plus sizes.  I had a number of prearranged models and bloggers come meet me at my apartment and try on their pieces, then head to the show together.  The impact of so many women wearing the same dresses in the space caught a LOT of attention, and before long, people were snapping photos.  It worked!

Manuela in Stella in Digital Snakeskin and Flavia in Giraffe
Then, Silvana Denker, who is the European face of Carmakoma, ended up interviewed on German TV RTL Punkt 12 and a Danish TV station wearing Cabiria as well!

Silvana Denker in Paola in Jade

Here's the embedded link to Cabiria Clothing in Berlin on Germany's RTL Punkt 12 during Berlin Fashion Week January 2014.

Silvana Denker in Stella in Blue Snakeskin and me in Sofia in French Apricot at Curvy Is Sexy
Next, Jorge Gonzalez from Germany's Next Top Model and Germany's Let's Dance came with my model Sandy Dietrich, and went on TV, with her wearing Cabiria as well.  Those shots landed in the newspaper Bild, along with Sandy in the celebrity pages at the catwalk shows audience.

Sandy Dietrich in Stella in Blue Leopard interviewed for Germany's Next Top Model at Curvy Is Sexy

Sandy Dietrich and Jorge Gonzalez posing on Berlin Fashion Week's red carpet
Sandy Dietrich wearing Stella in Blue Leopard with Jorge Gonzalez and Bruce Darnell of Germany's Next Superstar

As a side bonus, I also got to meet my wonderful retailer from London's Ms. SVG Boutique, Monique Howell (who wore the Flaminia in Tropicalia), and reconnect with the legendary and talented Anna Scholz.
Monique Howell of London's Ms. SVG in Flaminia in Tropicalia

Anna Scholz and Eden at Curvy Is Sexy in Berlin
I'm incredibly happy with the reception and press Cabiria received in Berlin.  Meanwhile at home, I'm so happy to announce that Blair Chic Boutique in Chicago is our newest vendor! Please check out their wide variety of stock at 1343 N. Ashland Avenue and get into the lovely things you see on this page.

Finally, to anyone who thinks that Plus Size Fashion isn't a real contender, I offer this: on January 10th, Cabiria was in Forbes Magazine.  The magazine devoted to all things money and business.  Forbes!

I still have stock in a number of the pieces you see here, so go order them while they are available and help me fund the next collection!

Until the next adventure, all my best.


January 6, 2014

Report from the road

Hello friends,

I am writing this post from the middle of El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.  Little lizards run everywhere, heliconia and starfruit trees drip fruit, and the coqui frogs are loudly chirping.

Sometimes people ask me where my inspiration comes from, and my use of color.  I think this is my answer.  My travels around the world, because the world is a truly colorful place, as well as my favorite films, which allow me to adventure within.

Next week I will be returning to New York for a few hours, then back to the airport, heading to Berlin for the Curvy Is Sexy trade show there.  Cabiria has been fortunate to gain a vendor in London, MS.SVG, and we want to branch out further into Europe and Australian markets as soon as possible.  Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to meet some of you in Berlin, and if you have store buyers with lofty plans with you, all the better.

In the meantime, find beauty wherever you are, especially within yourselves.  Happy New Year.

All the best, Eden

December 9, 2013

Campo Dei Fiori Collection - Autumn Winter Holiday 2014 - Is Here

Hello friends,

First of all, thank you for all your patience.  Many of you have asked when you could see images from the catalog and photoshoot, and many of you have asked when you can buy the pieces you saw at NYFW in September.  Finally, I have the collection ready for you. Now. Today.

For the new collection, Jourdan wears a version of the Stella blouse in Blue Leopard and Black Silk Charmeuse, paired with the Flavia in Giraffe Wool, as previously worn by Victoria in the fashion show.

Maxey wore the Stella blouse in Orange Pebbles and Blue Digital Snakeskin Silk Charmeuse and the Flavia skirt in Atari 8-bit Chevron Brocade for the fashion show.  I had Frances wear it for our lookbook.

Bernadett wore the Stefania dress in Gold Balloons 4-ply silk with Gold Leopard contrast cuffs, collar, and yoke for the fashion show.  Frances wore the same dress for our catalog, but I made this dress in a number of different versions for the collection.

Maxey wears the Stefania in Blue Gerbera silk crepe de chine with Butternut silk faille trim, as well as a version with no contrast at all.

She also wears the Stefania in Horoscope White Italian merino wool jersey, a super fine gauge knit that insulates the body while being nearly translucent.

And Frances wears the Stefania in Blue Gerbera silk crepe de chine with Taupe Paintbrush silk twill trim with an accent belt.

As well as the Stefania in a Pink Jigsaw silk twill with black silk charmeuse contrast.

In the show, Frances wore a Sofia silk jersey dress in Black and White Wire Fence print, which immediately sold out.  For the collection, Frances wears the same Sofia cut in French Apricot silk jersey,

while Jourdan wears the Sofia in Blue Player Piano silk jersey, so named because the pattern reminds me of the punch card paper strips that make automatic vintage pianos play their tunes.

Finally, Mimi wore the Paola maxi dress in a one-of-a-kind fuchsia, brown and orange horizontal stripe. For the collection, Jourdan wears the Paola in a beautiful and soft Jade Green Italian merino wool jersey, with a softer, heavier hand than the Horoscope wool.  Each Paola in Jade Green has an individualized lining of fine cotton jersey in a pattern different from any other Paola out there.  A secret pleasure for the wearer.

I hope very much that you get the chance to touch and wear these garments soon.  Currently, Bombshell in St. Paul, MN and Boutique Larrieux in Milwaukee, WI have their Campo Dei Fiori collection pieces in stock.  MS.SVG in London, UK will have them starting in January, and Madison Plus Select has several pieces online for worldwide shipping.  Additionally, AbbeyPost had a special exclusive run of the Stefania dress made just for them in Gold Leopard and Black Hashmark, and Gwynnie Bee has a large selection of sizes of the Stefania in Pink Jigsaw only for their subscribers.

I am always looking for new retailers and new ways to get Cabiria to my customers, because the differences in quality are best communicated through personal experience.  I will be going to the Curvy-Is-Sexy trade show in Berlin in January to introduce the brand into the European Continental marketplace, and I'm happy to reach out personally to store owners where you shop.

Also, I'm always open to listen to what customers are really clamoring for in the marketplace.  As long as it is a cut and quality level that fit in with the Cabiria brand, I see no reason to ignore the collective expertise of so many plus size shoppers out there.  Cabiria was started to provide a choice!

One happy, beautiful, confident customer at a time.  That's how Cabiria is going to become a premier brand for discerning women all over the world.

Happy holidays everyone, and please shop the collection while it lasts!

                                                                                 All the best, Eden